Our goal is to provide every client with state-of-the-art equipment that will allow them to operate their boilers in the most fuel-efficient manner while focusing on reducing their carbon footprint.

Did you know that a minimum of 20 cents of every fuel dollar is wasted? The good news is much of it can be recovered. For example, Cain boiler economizers recover heat and transfer usable BTUs to other facets in the boiler.

Autoflame also manufactures a product called the MM Boiler Controller, which allows you to be able to remove the standard jackshaft assembly that operates the fuel delivery system on your burner and replace it with equipment that basically allows the burner to function as a fuel injection system on your car. Additionally, Autoflame manufactures a product called the EGA Evo, which provides your boiler with a continuous emissions monitoring system solution and burner trim control.

For decades, boiler houses, manufacturing plants and other industrial environments have used Exhaust Gas Analyzers (EGAs) to monitor exhaust emissions to comply with environmental regulations and to reduce fuel usage and emissions. The EGA Evo meets all requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is EPA-approved.

Just by adding two controls to your boiler you will reduce fuel consumption and fuel costs by an average of 6-15%, lower your boilers emissions by 12-15%, improve boiler operation reliability and lower maintenance costs.

According to the EPA the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the United States is from burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat and transportation. The EPA found in one year the U.S. greenhouse gas emissions totaled 6,511 metric tons (7,117 million tons) of carbon dioxide equivalents, which equaled 81 percent of all human-caused greenhouse gases.

Boilers account for 60% of domestic carbon dioxide emissions but by utilizing Autoflame technology we could save the United States anywhere from 512-640 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions. To put that into perspective, the average car emits six tons of carbon dioxide every year. If Autoflame systems were installed on all boilers it would be equivalent to eliminating 85-106 million cars that operate within the United States.

Savings and efficiency are directly related. As efficiency increases, savings will increase as well. Savings and efficiency on fuel will also play a role in saving the earth. Will you be a part of the solution?

Before we installed Autoflame systems for our clients, they were burning 10,000,000,000 therms. We reduced that by 1 billion for each of our 600 customers.

600 Autoflame systems installed ; Total fuel burned in those 600 systems before Autoflame 10,000,000,000 therms ; Reduced to 9,000,000,000 therms